August 24

August 24, 2017

In the last few days, I have some recurring lower back pain to renders me about 50% less flexible than I usually am. And I’m pretty nimble for a being a large human.

The way I’ve always treated it was to take a scalding hot shower when I get home from work, take 75-100mg of dihydramine, and climb into bed and not wake up for nine hours. Last night this worked well, and I awoke this morning more flexible and less hurty. It’s a slipped disc from an old racquetball injury, and I hate it.

About seven years ago, I went to a chiropractor in Phoenix (when I used to live there) for about two months, having about a dozen adjustments done. Seemed to have done the trick, and my employer at the time paid for it, so I was happy. But I only went there because I had a very hard time even putting my socks on and walking. I suspect as I get older, it’ll become a more prevalent thing. I am eating better lately, though, and I know that helps.

Writing-wise, I’ve averaged about a thousand words a day in the last month. Not my standard, but the injury and my emotions overall have taken a beating, making my body not sound with my mind. Exercise definitely helps. I will get back to a point of almost-homeostasis. That’s one of the few things I want right now.



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