August 28

August 28, 2017

My comments about the president are below. Before that, please click here to give a little time or money to benefit those in Houston who are the least among us. Thank you.


We’re in a country where the POO can’t come up with any good ideas in the midst of this awful mess in Houston. You’d think that someone with of his starpower and knowledge of media that he’s immediately want to get the most successful, most extravagant, celebrity-laden, high-powered motherfucking telethon to end all telethons in order to begin to quell Houston’s watery woes (that no one could have honestly prepared for, NO ONE). Instead, he tweeted out a plug for that psychotic Milwaukee sheriff’s book and childish, pseudo-onomatopoetic thoughts akin to a third-tier market television weatherman seeing pretty colors in the sky during a goddamn lightning storm. Alas, he’s the president, and this is the level of communication that we get from him.

So the country remains angry. I remain angry. It’s not the only thing I’m angry about. But it’s something that any other president wouldn’t cause.



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