September 23

Meet Andrew

Short biographies are always weird to read when they’re in the third-person, especially when you know that the author themselves probably wrote it. My name is Andrew Michael Flynn, how are you? That’s good. I’m glad you’re alright.

I grew up in Mesa, Arizona, which is a suburb of Phoenix. My pop-culture awareness hit around 1993, when I was 11 years old and about to go into junior high the following year. The Phoenix Suns were a crucial part of my adolescence, just as great friends, petty theft, girl’s boobs, Saturday Night Live, Nintendo, sunburns, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were.

I’ve been playing drums since I was in 5th grade, which means that if you’ve dated or been around me, you know that I tap my fingers to any nearby beat that I can get my ears close to. Music is crucial to my heart and has always played an integral role in my life, just as it likely does anyone’s. I wouldn’t consider myself a great drummer, but I’ll play rudiments against anyone who isn’t Buddy Rich or Neal Peart.

The English language and I had an adversarial relationship until high school, and it was only then that I really embraced it as my saving grace, allowing me to exploit to deep ends of the pool into that which I once peed. I took great education from Mountain View High School in my hometown and Arizona State University, along with a dozen-or-so dayjobs that provided adequate health and dental insurance but not too much else.

I took the plunge into writing as a profession after years of struggling with addiction, trying not to look back because such a wonderful present and future are all around us. I’m pleased to share my words with you, and am honored to have you in my audience.

Andrew Michael Flynn

P.S. If you’re a creative person, I want to know you.

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  1. By Pam Flynn on

    Hi Andy, I couldn’t find any other place to let you and Tracy know that Pat and I are attending the Wedding. We are so excited!!!

    Love you

    Aunt Pam


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