October 18

October 18, 2017

You try to go to sleep hoping that you’ll wake up in a better country, but it doesn’t happen. Not in 2017.

The lows get lower. By now, I’m definitely strapped in. I can’t saw I’m entirely surprised at the depravity of the current placeholder of the Oval Office, but it doesn’t stop from being the darkest level of morbid fascination and bewilderment. How a sitting president of any country would almost immediately be so callous and then reactionary because his words were challenged, well, that is only on the level of some of the biggest sociopaths and narcissists of world history. Donald Tr*mp continues to demonstrate these personality traits.

He’s the oldest and thinnest-skinned baby that our society has ever produced. Of course, all of his behavior is magnified because of the position that he holds, but it’s not really a powerful magnifying glass — it’s more of a really effective mirror. And we all have to look at it because the image that this mirror reflects takes all of our periphery.

It’s the middle of October, with about ten weeks left in the year that is 2017. Along with big chunks of 2016, it’ll be a time period that I’ll be glad to box up and burn as we ring in 2018 on this December 31st. Damn this Administration and all those who are a part of it, especially the complete moron sitting behind the Resolute desk with his idiotic black Sharpies, trying to sign away what progress was recently made in this country of ours.

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