December 17

Wrapping Up 2016


I’ve been neglectful of this place for a number of months now. 2017 is going to show that the somewhat-dismissal of this website will be a thing of the past. Many things have caused it, and it’s not so much an excuse, but rather a reason.

I will do better. I will treat this place better and have more of a sense of duty towards it. Communication is important, trying harder is important. Not getting bogged down in so many other things is important.

Thanks for being there, and I’ll see you back here on January 1st. Happy holidays!


July 28

“188” Paperback Now Available!

My name is Andrew Michael Flynn and I want you to know that my first book is now in paperback. “188” is $11.00/copy (volume orders get a big discount). Email here to order:

Bringing “188” from the insides of myself to the outside world has been a labor of love going on four years now. The eBook launched in late 2013 to great success, and now I’m absolutely pleased to bring you the paperback version.

Soon, there will be an online store at In the meantime, I can take orders directly via Square/Cashtag. Thank you all for your undying support, it does mean the world to me as we continue to tell incredible stories together.

paperback front cover 188paperback title page 188paperback back cover 188


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June 14

The Cure For Insomnia


I’m honestly very lucky to be in the position that I am. So many wrong turns have been taken in my life, I took this weekend and the last few weeks to realize that I’m in a pretty great position as far as a being a burgeoning writer goes. I like where this is all going. The destination is in sight, and the journey is very fun.

This is the Summer of 2016. It’s a storytelling kind of summer. All summers are. Vacations and picnics, skinny dipping and roadtrips, love blossoming and arguments had all over. Summer is the season where you know that you’ll find more people outside and active than any other time of the year. This year is special.

Sometimes I can’t sleep. That’s my body telling me that it’s time to suss a storyline out, or just somehow get thoughts and ideas out of my head that are protruding necessary sleep patterns. So I try to write 1500 words a day. That doesn’t always happen. On the days where I’m able to make up a quota from a previous day that I haven’t met that mark, I try to do it. Make it to 5,000 words sometimes, that’s a great day. Fuck it–that’s an AMAZING day.

On occasion, I’ll broach the 10,000-word level. I will still never forget the day-and-night-and-sunrise I wrote 18,400 words. And then I fell asleep at my desk, mentally destroyed and ready for rapid-eye movement. 11 hours of sleep later, I was a new man. Gotta write. Can’t stop. Very lucky.


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