August 18

August 18, 2017

I care what people think. So do you. It does depend on what people you’re talking about.

Lately realizing real truths about human nature and that some people are honestly past the point of actually flipping to a degree of tolerance, I know that I care about what people think. But not every person. I care about what respectable people think. And many I have met are not those people. Real life people, too. Not the Internet people that are usually just spouting off unoriginal thoughts in their own echo chamber, comfortably still in their overnight pajamas, even at three in the afternoon. I care what respectable people think.

The people that you surround yourself with partially define you. They don’t define all of you. Only you know what defines you in the most absolute sense. It can take a lifetime to understand yourself, but it may only take a few minutes. It’s that broad range in the middle that most of us discover just what we’re made of and what we will do to test our mettle.

Today’s a day where we’re again waking up to the hangover of a world city having terrorism strike it. Today is a day where I want to do well and have good conversations with quality people, and not waste spoken words to those who don’t want to offer quality responses. It’s a difficult time, because this usually isn’t possible. My optimism remains, however. You’ve got to hold onto something, and this is one of those things.


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August 17

August 17, 2017

There hasn’t been a time in this country’s history like this one. I can say that only because I’ve had the honor of learning actual American history from real teachers and storytellers and historians who were generous enough to share their knowledge and let me be in the room at the same time. This time in history is certainly an anxious one, one of great malaise and uncertainty.

But I don’t need to tell you this, you already know. You’re a person in the world and you don’t have your head in the sand. Our President is a man of no quality. His Cabinet is one of laughability in their lock-step behind his own ego. Congress is reliably unreliable. Our cities need the consistent hard work that only local leaders with true conviction can give. Everything is local

Where do we go from here? I like to think that we’re going to a place where justice is frequent, and we help each other. But I’m not optimistic. A few things have to happen before then, including the removal of our current placeholder of the Oval Office. Let’s just call that person POO for now. Hardly clever, I realize, but acronymically appropriate.

The truth must set us all free. In trying to find the truth, it’s very hard today in 2017 to not be distracted by utter nonsense and untruths about what actually happened. The level of bullshit that stemmed from the tragedy in Charlottesville. Our current leaders and how their spineless nature and morally bankrupt dispositions lead us to want to pull our remaining hair out. The constant presence of Nazis. And how they somehow have a seat at the table that decides the future of this country. It’s consistently shocking, numbing, and making us all want to crawl into bed and not get up tomorrow morning.

I’m 36 today. A working creative person with a dayjob that doesn’t exactly invite good storytelling habits, I want to do better. Organization has always been the cornerstone at getting anything done for me, and it’s something I’ve been working on for many weeks after going through an unthinkable life episode. I hope I’m back. I hope to contribute things and be productive. False starts are always going to be a part of this. I’m optimistic to a level where I think this is not one of those.

These are times of nerves. Each of us tell our own story. Expression is crucial. Production is, too.


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