September 23


As a working professional writer of more than ten years, I am a producer of at least 1500 words a day. Every day.

Let’s be blunt here: we’re both creative types. We know what we want and how we want it. We should forge our path of ultimate storytelling together.

At the rate of $0.99 USD per page*, I will proofread anything you have written. I do not have restrictions on content. And for another $0.99 USD per page, I will edit and red-pen the absolute hell out of it. Whether it be a feature-length script, a novel, a class assignment, be rest assured that my attention to detail is unsurpassed by anyone in this profession. I’ll edit your work for you in a very short time period, and have it back to you in a much more pristine condition than its original form.

I accept payment exclusively through numerous means. And, if you’re in the Portland Metro area, let’s get coffee and we’ll jam! I come with references, so trying me out is no risk to you. Email me and let’s make what you’ve already gotten down on the blank page that much more awesome.

Drew {: )

*For the sake of this service, I am defining a page as 300 words or less, usually what you’d find on a double-spaced 8.5″ x 11″ page of paper with a font size of 10-12. Specifics are important here so that there is no ambiguity to the services offered and rendered. I sincerely appreciate your visit here, and look forward to speaking with you!

Questions? Email me, thank you.


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