May 12

The Refresh


When you love something so much and realize that you must change, it’s difficult to capture every facet that you need to do so. But I did it.

Welcome to AndrewStories.

Re-branding is something that I knew I needed to do as of a few months ago, so I began doing it. Of course it would have been nice to do it as the year turned to 2016, but life doesn’t come wrapped up in pretty packages such as this. Today is the new day, the new time, the flip of the chapter. Today is when AndrewStories becomes my new home.

@drewisawriter served me very well, and I’ll bid it a fond farewell. It’s a brand that brought me up from my professional writing infancy, and I will always love it. But a decade is about all it had in the tank. Just look at what the brand is on its face: it says I’m a writer. I know that, and I don’t feel the need to bluntly hit readers and clients over the head with it every day. I wanted something different, and now I have it.

So now I’m editing this piece and the website as a larger whole at a tavern in Beaverton, Oregon, which is a suburb directly west of Portland. It’s a bright, sunny day of about 77 degrees. These 77 degrees are sure a lot warmer than they were in Phoenix, my former hometown. The point it, I’m here now, living my creative life, but so many changes have taken place in the recent 16 months that my goddamn head is still spinning.

There will be cursing, there will be storytelling, passions passionated, onions peeled, revelations revealed, and hearts likely broken. Each week here at AndrewStories you will get some of the best of what I do as a writer, and now, a published author. While the ideas seem like they are endless, it’s never about the ideas, since those are fucking cheap as the very dirt you walk on. I’m about the execution of the hundreds of ideas that exist between my ears and in my storytelling. And it continues to be an absolute pleasure to have you in my audience.



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